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Trucking - Transportation & Logistics

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Voyageur Trucking Transportation and Logistics offers consultation for transportation projects. We provide and formulate billing and other financial documents for the use of transportation companies to help further their business success.


The transportation industry is a growing and becoming ever more demanding. Voyageur Trucking And Transportation Logistics can help you traverse the ins and outs of difficult schedules, complicated pricing structures, and unstable economies.

We serve innovative and growing businesses in the transportation industry including the trucking industry, airline industry, postal service industry, shipping industry, and railway industry. Our first-hand knowledge and expertise in the area of transport makes us qualified and well-suited to really help our clients succeed in their endeavors.


Our clients become leaders in their industry because we’ve helped them every step of the way. We’ve successfully finished several enterprises from small to large transport locally, statewide, nationwide, and globally.

We want all transport companies to be as successful as we have been. Let us provide you with the best solutions for your special logistic needs.