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Transport Driver Expectations & Conditions

All Drivers At Our Company Have Met The Following Conditions

• Must be at least 23 years of age or older
• Must have passed drug screens and physical
• Must have 5-7 years driving experience
• No DUI, alcohol, or drug related violations
• Must read, write, and comprehend the English language

Our drivers have to follow these conditions to keep an active status with our company. They must hold to our company values and high standards of customer care.

Our drivers have the ability to participate in transport for as many as 11 hours per day in addition to managing pre and post trip unit reviews. They have been trained to report in a timely manner, to follow our guidelines in dress code, and are to keep in communication with all the relevant dispatch offices. Physical health is, in addition, essential to our drivers so that they are able to efficiently perform activities required to finish the transportation of products.

• They are to attend regular meetings to discuss quality, security, and concepts for development
• They are to keep a clean and tidy cab.
• They must have a convenient work schedule for all our clients
• They are taught how to deal with situations that are stressful and have been trained to find solutions for difficult situations they encounter.

You can trust our dependable and professional drivers. They have been certified and come with expertise in a wide selection of specialized transportation services for all transportation conditions:

• Ocean & Air Freight
As a transport company, we are well managed with a reputation for professionalism, responsiveness, and dependability. As such, all drivers, pilots, and captains wanting to work with us must fulfill and maintain high standards including:
• Arbitrary drug screenings
• Physicals
• Keep up with accredited motorist status
• Added driver testing in high value merchandise delivery

Our drivers are paid on performance, working to ensure products arrive unscathed and resulting in each driver, pilot, or captain taking possession of their deliveries. Clients can be rest assured that their things will arrive punctually and be transported and installed with professionalism. Unpacking and unloading is undertaken with preciseness having all debris removed to leave a clean and tidy surrounding on departure.